Accessing Records:

  • Biltmore Evaluation and Treatment Services (BETS) will retain records, in a locked file room, in the office, for a period of 6 years for adults or until a minor reaches the age of 21 (as required by law).
  • BETS may convert paper records to digital files and store these on disk in the locked file room. BETS will only release information about you, with your written consent, and/or when ordered by a Court of Law. 
  • You may submit a request for your records by completing the form connected to the link below.  You may be required to present the form in person with verifying identification.
  • With proper authorization, you may have information released (in paper format) to a third party, as long as this information was not the property of the Court. 
  • BETS will not violate copyright laws unless ordered to do so by the Court.  When your written authorization is received to provide test scores to another licensed psychologist, BETS will release a psychometric summary and will not copy the test protocols. 
  • Request to have test scores released to an individual or entity, where the proper interpretation of the test scores cannot be guaranteed, will require individual review by Dr. Toma.  BETS is required by law to ensure that the release of information about you will not be harmful to you.
  • BETS will not release information that may be contained in your records that was received from another party. 
  • The location of your records will always be available at this website.