Biltmore Evaluation and Treatment ServicesLLC (BETS) is owned and managed by John J. Toma, Ph.D.

Dr. Toma is a licensed clinical psychologist (since 1996) who specializes in psychological, neuropsychological and forensic assessments.  Dr. Toma provides evaluations to several courts throughout the State of Arizona, in Federal Courts, private attorneys, State and County Agencies, and for individuals.   Dr. Toma also provides a number of civil, forensic evaluations to the local police forces, insurance companies, and individuals who are experiencing difficulties at work.

Dr. Toma is committed to training psychologists and always has doctoral students under his supervision or in classes as adjunct faculty for Argosy University.  With his doctoral students, Dr. Toma can provide low-cost evaluations for individuals who are indigent or who are experiencing financial difficulties.